AiD – Your complete resource for training and development

AiD offers customized training programs according to industry or educational organization’s requirements.

The training programs are aimed at the industry professionals those who require a refresher/upgrading of information or new recruits for smoother induction, or students to give them an overall understanding of the logistics industry.

Program highlights

  • Basic / advanced training to those interested in logistics and shipping
  • Workshop, seminars and courses on specific topics of relevance
  • Customized for each industry or sector, based on relevance and expertise /requirements of the audience.
  • Training is covered in a single day or over a 2-3 days period based on relevance and requirements of the audience.
  • Flexibility in timing (weekend batches or relatively shorter modules)

Indicative list of training is as follows:

  1. Induction Training – Shipping, Warehousing, logistics & supply chain
  2. Maritime transport / Diversities of sea transport
  3. Liner trade
  4. Bill of Lading & other shipping documents.
  5. Port & terminal Management
  6. Warehouse Management
  7. Dangerous goods handling
  8. Temperature controlled (reefer) goods handling
  9. Integrated / Multimodal transport chain.
  10. Logistics & Supply chain foundation course etc..

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