Asha Institute of Development has been set up with an objective of providing high quality education and training to young people, for equipping them with professional skills and knowledge, which make them more employable, competent and more productive in their work environment.

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics" - Sun Tzu. Logistics is an exciting and dynamic domain, which offers unlimited employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the young people. For a successful career in this fast growing and challenging domain, advanced degree or certification is not required. Someone equipped with comprehensive and integrated knowledge of logistics, with the right attitude, is a strong candidate in the job market. AiD logistics courses are designed to provide students a strong grounding on the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects.

Shipping is a 'Global Industry' and there is a shortage of qualified personnels on all levels. Presently, the recruiters are not interested in generalists;they look for candidates having industry based academic qualifications and experience. AiD's shipping certificate course is aimed to provide the participant an intensive training on the container shipping operations , documentation and overall management of a shipping line.

AiD assures high quality educational and training programs, which include all essential elements to meet young people’s developmental needs.

Good luck and welcome to the class!